Animal Caretaker

The purpose of this position is to provide the hospitalized and boarded animals with constant cleanliness of cages, runs and wards; the proper feeding and overall animal husbandry as requested by the doctor, technician and owner of the pet.  This position also ensures the comfort and happiness of our patients by paying attention and giving affection to each pet as needed throughout the day.  This position is also responsible for general maintenance and janitorial duties throughout the hospital and provides support to the doctors, practice manager and staff as needed.

 Major Duties

•Clean and sanitize all cages, runs, wards, exercise areas, parking lot, counter tops and related areas.
•Recognize and record or notify the proper technician or doctor for any unusual condition or abnormal behavior of any hospitalized or boarded animal.
•Feed, walk and care for each animal as prescribed by the attending doctor.
•Perform needed grooming procedures necessary to ensure every animal in the hospital’s care is in a state of constant cleanliness.
•Assist doctors and technicians as needed with restraint and treatment of animals.
•Receive each animal to be admitted for boarding and be responsible for their identification; set up; recording of personal belongings; recording of their location on the communication board.
•Release animals to their owners as directed by the doctor, technician or receptionist, ensuring that every animal is clean and properly groomed before release, ensuring that all personal belongings are released with animal; updating communication board as necessary.
•Complete and initial all necessary daily jobs before shift ends.
•Give the respect, care, love and attention to each hospitalized and boarded animal as if it was your own pet.
•Maintain a neat and professional appearance at all times.
•Be efficient, very pleasant, courteous, polite, concerned and helpful to all clients and co-workers under all conditions at all times.
•Attend and participate in all staff, department, coordinator and continuing education meetings as required.